This is one of my favorite rigs......Yamaha CP70 electric grand, Fender Rhodes, Korg CX-3 organ and Oberheim OB-X. As well there’s a MiniMoog on my rig

CP70 Rhodes Korg CX-3 Oberheim OBX Minimoog 1980
Same setup showing the MiniMoog stack, rack with Tapco mixer, EQ, Roland Space Echo and Dynaco Quad power amp. 4 x 110w quad. 2 ch strapped together to power the EV TL 15” under my stack and the other 2 channels powering my top cabinet.... JBL 12” and potato masher lens on a horn
1979 front viewCP70 Rhodes Polymoog Logan Strings 1978
This is early days one man band show....pre MIDI probably around 1981 no bass pedals yet but had this PA system I put together.....EV TL 15” bass cabinets and pancake top ent cabinets with JBL 12” and 2405 slot tweeter
Early OMB 1981 no pedals
The heavy duty stack.....Hammond C3 2 x 122 Leslie Rhodes, Logan Strings and Minimoog not shown also had JBL mid cabinets and top end cabinets just for my keys...
Hammone C3 Rhodes Logan Strings 1976Monster rig 1979Porta B Rhodes Logan Strings Minimoog 1974
The ultimate stack..notice the congas and the trumpet...and there’s the famous Clair Bros S4’s we built at the Music Stop in Dartmouth so we could ditch our horn loaded JBL system and go to a front loaded PA system so we could mix from stage. Amazing cabinets and we were the first club band anywhere to do this
Monster rig Clair Bros S4 1979