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Letters Of Commendation
My two teenaged daughters (14 & 15) have been taking piano lessons with Steve for 6 months now.  He teaches out of his home which makes a comfortable atmosphere for learning. He is a very experienced teacher with a lot of patience and a deep love of music. Soon after my daughters started lesson, I began lessons as well. I am 38 years old, and have wanted to play the piano since I was a child.  After I witnessed how patient, Steve was as a teacher, I too began lessons.  Steve always makes us feel comfortable and welcomed.  He has a way of teaching that makes it fun for children and adults alike.   I can't recommend Steve McCullough highly enough as a music teacher, not just a piano teacher! He has an excellent ability in catering to your individual needs and ability in learning to play and understand music and the piano.  I have never seen an instructor light up the way Steve does when he is explaining some aspect of the piano, playing or music theory. Steve has a great respect for the piano and is an enthusiastic player and teacher, which in turn inspires my daughters and I as students. Steve is a dedicated teacher with a sincere love of music.  He provides top rate instruction for both my daughters, and myself.  He has a great sense of humour, and a very friendly approach, but maintains high standards and attention to detail.  I would highly recommend him to anyone of any age interested in learning the piano.
Lori Strong (mother/student)
Just wanted you to know that even though my piano lessons were short-lived, you have taught me a great deal.  My goal was to learn to read the notes and I can do that and so hopefully I will be able to practice and slowly learn the rest myself.  You were a great teacher and I really appreciated your patience with me and you made this experience a fun one.
Good luck in all your endeavours and again Happy Birthday!!!!!
Thanks for your help and guidance,
Renee Gormley
P.S.  I promise I will continue to practice my scales, triads, broken triads, octaves, chromatic and finger strength exercises.  Even though I don't really like them you have taught me how important they are so I will continue to practice.

Teaching fees and services